ánesi Trofímon (Comfort Food)

Our Chicken Thieves in the Kitchen have been scrambling with the onset of the cold weather.  Seems they are not ready for the falling leaves and snow yet… They must still be day dreaming about the beach!

When the weather begins to change and the cool air of fall comes down from the north, thoughts about the comfort foods we grew up with comes to the fore front of our minds.  In New England time tested family meals have kept families close and individuals warm against the chills Jack Frost brings forth.  Whether it be soups, chowdah’s, chili’s, or casseroles these time tested treats, some cultural some familial, have that certain “Je Ne Sais Quoi” that has to be tasted not described.

Check out our Kitchens new section on Comfort Foods, ánesi Trofímon (Greek), just in time for Jack Frost’s visit.  As our thieves prepare the recipes we will be sure to publish just as quickly, but please dont hold it against us if we taste test first.  Our first recipe is up, Potato & Leek Soup and more are to follow.

Kalí órexi (Bon Apetite!)

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