Bealach blasta a chríochnú ceiliúradh (A tasty way to finish celebrating)

Plated Corned-Beef & Mustard-Pepper Potatoes

Aye lads and lassies, here at the CTK we wrap our annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration with a truly Gaeilge – Meiriceánaigh (Irish-American) dish.  When the Irish immigrants entered Boston and New York, they found ways to adopt traditions of other immigrant groups to help find ways to feed their families.  Though deemed cheap and affordable, the corned-beef briskets of the Jewish immigrants and cabbage (a plentiful crop in America and more affordable than potatoes) truly became and Irish-American dish for years to come.

Go to the “Recipe” header and find this Irish-American tradition, twisted in true CTK style, adding both American and Mediterranean influences to this dish.  Therein, seek out other introductions to the CTK website for your future St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations.


When the lamb and the pig walked into the market

A Thief’s twisted Shepard’s Pie

There is nothing more pleasing to the senses than roasted lamb and pork.  When first discovered, roasting meats on an open fire was probably the first best discovery for any culture in their past.

When you think of traditional Irish fare, most Americans would point first to corned-beef and cabbage, or Bangers and Mash.  With the later you would be right, with the former not so.  More traditional was a hearty Shepard’s Pie, so named by the use of roasted lamb by the Irish farmers of old.  Around 1791 roasted meats were incorporated into pies with potatoes (about the same time the crop was being introduced as an edible addition).  Since the 1870s Irish families have made Shepard’s Pie with roasted lamb and potatoes with other root vegetables.

Our head Chicken Thief offers today,  under the “Recipe” header, his take on this ancestral dish.  Not to mimic the traditional dish, he has twisted the tradition by adding a smokey element, along with some American and Mediterranean influences.

We say, Bain sult as an Bhia (Enjoy the Food!), and bid you success in creating a twist of your own traditions.

New Recipe Section – Táille na hÉireann (Irish Fare)

Clover Image #1Our readers know that our head Chicken Thief loves to take family traditional dishes and give them a twist.  Perhaps its a new take on corned-beef, by using it in a hoagie rather than serving with cabbage.  Perhaps its adding some smoked bacon and gravy to a traditional Shepherd’s Pie.  Have you tried an Italian twist to Corned-beef and Cabbage?

Today, on Saint Patrick’s Day our head Chicken Thief launches a new recipe section covering Irish dishes you should consider trying out.  Over time we shall add to the recipes included, and this Saint Patrick’s Day we begin.

Visit our web page, look up Táille na hÉireann under the “Recipes” header and begin your travel this day and all days with some hearty fare that is sure to please.