Dark Florida Leads to A Light in the Port

Florida’s Fresh Grill’s Avocado Crab Tower (photo by Florida’s Fresh Grill)

Have you ever experienced the dark, I mean so dark that you’re barely able to see your hand in front of your face? Or if your driving, your head lights barely make a dent in the vast void ahead of your car? Can you envision a travel,  where your more likely to stumble across a gator than a person night or day?  On the road from Orlando to Port Canaveral, Cocoa Beach and locales south along the barrier islands, veer to far off the road and you just may find yourself hunting and gathering for a meal rather than enjoying a truly tasty treat in your port of call.

The light shines brightly at Florida’s Fresh Grill in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Right on the main road (A1A), this beacon in the port is a must stop, must eat destination.  Check our review under Travel Wanderings & The Food Side Shows, “When in port, a fresh grill calls” and see what you may be missing in the stretches of Dark Florida.

Inaugural Podcast, BlueJazzPel 7:00 PM EST Portsmouth Community Radio

Hello everyone,

From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, from the Canadian Border to the Great Gulf of Mexico DJ Reverend Langley is bringing forth his BlueJazzPel show tonight, Thursday March 16th 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST (5:00 PM to 7:00 PM CST, 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM MST, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PST).

FIRST TIME EVER!!!! a new segment is being aired tonight.  “Thieves Corner” is a podcast brought to you by us at Chicken Thief Kitchens.  Remember we are your one stop shop of culinary treats twisted in only the way the Thief can, and locations around this whole county where shops are twisting local culinary cuisine on its end.  Tonight for our inaugural podcast on the BlueJazzPel, we bring forward our Santa Fe Chicken & Waffles recipe.  The twists on this dish with a long history will be a showstopper tonight.

Listen in around 7:00 PM EST (6:00 PM CST. 5:00 PM MST. and 4:00 PM PST) for the Thieves Corner Podcast.

Text requests to 603-430-9722

Remember the BlueJazzPel, along with other great community sponsored programs, is live streamed at http://wscafm.org/listen-live/.  Check out the BlueJazzPel page at Portsmouth Community Radio, http://wscafm.org/blu-jazz-pel/ where you can get updates on the songs being played, schedule of upcoming airings, and when the Thieves Corner will be back.

Remember to visit here periodically to find your next best dish. Look for our future podcasts to be posted in our blog for your easy reference

New Recipe! Santa Fe Chicken & Waffles

Santa Fe Chicken & Waffles

Santa Fe Chicken & Waffles, enveloping the traditional red chili flavor of Santa Fe with the soulful traditions of buttermilk-hot sauce marinated fried chicken, and our southwestern twists to a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of waffles

Check out this new recipe under comfort food.  If your happening to find yourself on a lazy Sunday listening to some jazz or soul, not to sound cliche but try this recipe.  Tempt your tasted buds every now an then so they know what life can have in store.

Try a pairing with the dish on your own.  Got a favorite, let us know.  For now, we are going to turn up the jazz and enjoy the Sunday evening winds.


Refreshed, Renewed, Reinvigorated

Hello everyone from the Chicken Thief Kitchens.  Today I relaunch our blog site, including the recipes and travel journeys of the past, with a drive and wonder of what the future holds for all.

Chicken-Thief-Kitchens_logo_RGB_hiWe relaunch with a new, wholly owned logo brought together by the artistic talent and great skill of Blythe Langley. The logo envelops our attitude here in the Kitchen: that of boldness, fearless striking out, no barrier or wall of tradition will stop the Chicken!

We have updated our story on the about page, one to provide evidence of one’s path and how it can lead to family culinary traditions, and two to explain why thievery of chickens is a rallying cry. Zito to Kotopoulo!

We extend a new recipe which will be part of a new adventure for our Kitchen.  This coming Thursday (3.16.17) we will be launching a podcast segment on the BlueJazzSpell radio show brought to all by Portsmouth Community Radio.  The new segment, will bring our twisted recipes, culinary travel finds and answers to culinary challenges to interested  listeners worldwide.  The show is live streamed by Portsmouth Community Radio, from 6 to 8 PM EST, on select Thursdays, check out the website: http://wscafm.org/

Join us for the renewed travel, join us for new adventures on the road of culinary finds, add your story by sending in a comment.  I look forward to the dialogue.