For over 70 years, Felix’s Has Shucked Sum Oysters!


IMG_20170329_125645782For over 70 years, the counter and tables have been filled and patrons have gotten their fill of the Gulf’s bounty at Felix’s. This icon staple in the French Quarter is a must for anyone wanting to a local tradition, with locally sourced seafood and beers, looking to enjoy another culinary treat offered by New Orleans.  Straight from the boats to the counter and tables at Felix’s one can taste the waters the shellfish is derived from.  The staff is laid back and friendly, willing to hold court at the counter with all who wish to participate. They’ll shuck a half stack of oysters for you in less time it will take you to order them.  Fresh does not come close to describing these half shell treats.  Seeking a sandwich for lunch, you know your going to do it so just do it, get yourself a Po-boy and enjoy to your hearts content.

Check out our review and more under Travel Wanderings.  All the travel sights are saying it, go to NOLA and have yourself a great time with the food, drink and company! Check out Felix’s.

Chocolate Lovers, Unite – Mandarin Chocolate Tort

Happiness at the end of the day is coming upon the last slice, why does it have to be the last!

Our Mandarin Chocolate Tort takes minimal effort, most of the work is done by your refrigerator. Some prep, a little baking, and in a few short hours you too can be enjoying this decadent bittersweet chocolate desert….Whether you share is entirely up to you.  Check out our dessert (epidórpio) links under “Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken” for the Mandarin Chocolate Tart and enjoy a little dark treat this day and next.


Apoláfsete to Epidórpio

Tableau, a French-Creole Experience

Tableau, in the heart of the French Quarter, is so masterfully operated by Chef John Martin that you just cannot help yourself from walking out with a smile.  The French-Creole musings brought forth are alone a reason to move and live in the Big Easy.  There are not words to describe what this coolest cat in jazz central is able to create.

Its an experience you just have to eat! Check out our review under Travel Wanderings.