When in BBQ Country, Smoke sum Veggies

Some say there is encouragement behind certain types of liquids.

We say sometimes there is enlightenment behind certain drinks!

Our Chef was challenged this past month with limited equipment, limited time, and limited….produce?  The chefs were gathered in the field one evening, smoking a lot of brisket and word came down, there was need for a vegan plate.  The gathering thought long and hard and then the Thief hit upon magic.  Use the smoker in a new way, try and smoke some veggies.  Guess what, a new main dish staying true to vegan style was born.

Check out our new recipe, Smoked Mediterranean Vegetable Plate located under “Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken”, sub-header “Kyríos piáto (Main Dish)”.  We throw you an alternative cooking style, definitely not heard of in the heart of BBQ country.  You truly can have your meat, and your veggies in one sitting.  Share with a neighbor, as this provides plenty.

Don’t have bread? Don’t have pasta? Do you have rice – Lobstah Arancini

Lobstah Arancini & Cheese Tortellini with a Basil-Pesto Sauce,

how does that sound for dinner?


Does it sound pretty good for a Wednesday nite treat when the pasta is all gone?

We agree! Check out our Chef’s new recipe posting under Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken, Kyrios piato (Main Dishes), Italika (Italian) for this new taste sensation.

We here at the Kitchens wanted to provide a new twist on the presentation of our favorite little crustacean.  If you like Lobstah, you’ll love this presentation.  Yes the recipe takes a little time, but open that bottle of Pinot Grio, place some Dino on the record player (ha!) and have yourself an Italian night with your honey!

Godetevi e assaporare!


Finn’s Harborside (E. Greenwich, RI) – This trip it was all about the Clam!

For the years I grew up and lived in New England, most of our travels were in Massachusetts and north.  Never did we venture south, and in the Ocean State we missed out.  If you find yourself in East Greenwich, RI you need to stop and check out Finn’s Harborside restaurant.  True to its history, this is a locals hangout on the water in Greenwich Cove.  The docks are a mere ten feet outside the doors.  Protected by the State Park across the harbor, when the weather is rough this is a good spot to get too.

Check out our new restaurant review under our Travel Wanderings,

“Finn’s Harborside – Waterfront, Seafood, Local Brew, Oh How About The Clams?”

And learn more about a new way to prepare our favorite little bi-valve the clam.  In Rhode Island they have what is called the Stuffie; its got to be the best combination of New England Stuffing and Clams beyond compare.  Check out their outrageous preparation of our favorite little crustacean, the lobstah, into a monstrously tasty and belly busting 2 foot long lobstah roll.

Check out all the other truly New England seaside dishes (finnsharborside.com), and better yet go try them in person!