HAWAHYAH? What, you dont know New England….

You might be wondering, where is the CT, where are the food insights? No, well we’ll tell ya anyways….

The CT went back in the field to do some research.  From four states, MA, VT, NH and ME he yelled out “HAWAHYAH” to friends, family, and all who would listen.  From the Top of New England to its sunny shorelines, from Boston to Mount Washington, and all points in between, he spent time seeking the culinary history along with the social and family history, reconnecting.  Sometimes you just need to go home!

IMG_20170927_173648342In the coming weeks we’ll share some experiences.  We have restaurant reviews from the fine dining to the eclectic, from the coast to inland, we’ll share in case you too find yourself looking for some wicked good eats.  We have old haunts and new ones for all to try. We have new recipes to try in case you cant quite get a trip in to join the other Leaf Peepers learning about the true definition of “Color”. The Townies know theIMG_20171002_103731598 hotspots, we’ll let the Out-of-Staters in on a few secrets.

We are going to be working on and publishing an expose on New England Clam Chowdah. Not the clear broth-soup variant, nor the tomato-cream bisque variant.  We’ll share the true New England Clam Chowdah we have come to know and love. We will cover its history, attempted twists of the tradition, offer the traditional recipe and provide a few variants of the traditional that will be slightly twisty and IMG_20171004_141855998divinely acceptable.  Yes New England Chowdah requires pork!

We’re going to show you the right way to get your hands on some “Whoopies”.  We’ll have some twists with maple products that tempt the sweet tooth. We’ll discuss what truly are sweet rolls, not that protein based western variant.

We hope you keep an eye out for future page postings and blogs on such. See something you would like to contribute, send us a comment or shout out, say “Hawahyah” and we’ll hollah back.