Smokin Sleigh Carnitas – Chile Verde: A BBQ – Mexican Fusion

So you have crafted our Smokin Sleigh Pork Loin and have some leftovers. Here is a twist of this recipe that makes use of the left over pork loin and fuses this fantastic BBQ platform into a traditional chili verde. Be mindful of the ingredients used in the rub for the pork and seasoning added to the chili verde sauce, they should balance with each other – a little earthy and yet distinctively sweet-savory in the background at the same time.  Note this recipe intends that you will have prepared the pork for slicing rather than shredding and thus are able to cube the leftover pork loin.

This fusion dish causes for the earthy undertones of clove, ginger, and mustard to meld beautiful across the two culinary styles.  The sweetness of the BBQ sauce (sauted cherries, brown sugar, rum) plays well with the citrus undertones of the tomatillos and shallots of the chili verde.

Who says you can’t have the best of two worlds?

 Check out the recipe on the Recipe’s tab, under Southwestern Cuisine.

Disfruta el viaje culinario – Enjoy the culinary journey

Florentine Cafe – Pranzo all’ aperto nel North End di Boston

….Dining in the open air and falling in love with Italia all over again.

September 2017

During our Boston excursion our trip would have been incomplete without taking in the North End Neighborhood and checking out the old world charm brought to Boston by the Italian immigrants.  Well established, and well known you cannot stroll down Hanover Street and not be tempted to try any of the culinary offerings provided by these neighborhood treasures.  There was one, where you can dine (not eat) and enjoy a slower pace at the end of the day. Where the plates will transport you across the Pond to the old neighborhood, this place is…..

Florentine Café (617-227-1777,

Established just after Prohibition, the Florentine Café (located at the corner of Hanover and Prince Streets) has an old world charm combined with a culinary selection of Northern and Southern Italy that could rival anything from the Tuscany Region.  For over 70 years this sidewalk café has provided a truly unique outside dining experience, matched only by the delicate pastas and sauced meals its Chefs have become known for.

Check out our review in Travel Wanderings, and go to Boston. Find yourself at the corner of Hanover and Prince Streets, stop in and shout out to Boris.  Tell him your there to dine and enjoy the trip.


Smokin Sleigh Pork Loin Roast with BBQ Black-eye Bean Rice

Our love of BBQ hopefully becomes infectious and in 2018 you too become a lover of the Que! We at the CTK are working on a number of sauces and are always looking for fantastic platforms to present the sauce to you, our fans.

Recently we designed a Pork Loin roast recipe, that when smoked or slow cooked presents a great way to represent our seasonal holiday BBQ sauce in all its glory.  If you dont have our sauce, try a bourbon Kansas City style stand in.  Centralized around holiday favorites, hot-buttered rum, Bing Cherries, Mexican Chocolate, the sweet smokiness of smoked paprika, zesty fling of ginger the earthiness of clove and corriander, this pork loin with temp your taste buds. Our sauce enhances never takes away.

Check out our new recipe under the Recipes tab.  Pull the smoker or your BBQ’ing equipment out of their winter storage and get Que’ing.  We are sure you’ll luv our suggestion.

Going to go back in time….A sandwich and a moose – a secret lies in Plymouth, NH

October 2017

IMG_20171004_141855998Going to go back in time…..well a moose does show the way!

During our New England tour, we stopped briefly in to visit my Alma mater, Plymouth State College (now a University), and to grab some lunch.  Time spent studying the environment didn’t directly prepared me for my culinary hobbies, except when I and my friends set out on the inevitable task of grabbing some lunch or dinner.  Back in the day the best in town was limited to a few, to this day however a Moose knows where the best of the best still is, you gotta check out:

Biederman’s Deli and Pub (603-536-3354,

Since 1976 this local favorite (created by Plymouth graduates Scott and Patti (Ryan) Biederman) has been providing the students at Plymouth a great place to chill, meet, eat, talk and catch a game.  The décor and atmosphere truly has changed very little, and though the sandwich offerings have dialed back in size to be aligned with the expectations of the arriving millennials, the taste we of Generation X came to know and love still abound.

When travelling I-93 North into the White Mountains, whether your taking a summer hiking trip, fall leaf-peeping excursion, winter ski trip, or downright looking for that next big adventure, stop in Plymouth, NH and grab the best college campus sandwich from Biederman’s. They have been serving the students proudly, and the students young and old know where the best food is.  You will not go wrong.

Check out our review in the Travel Wanderings section.

Shortest Seacoast, Helluva Bounty – NH What’s a Fish Shack you say!

Growing up in the area, I can remember drives along the shoreline of New Hampshire and inland spots such as the towns around Lake Winnipesauke, where the best seafood came from the coastal equivalent of a “Dive”, locally known as a “Fish Shack”.  Independent and industrious, these fish shacks dotted the coast and offered fresh, live catch of shellfish and finned fish, in every possible combination true to New England seacoast culinary styles.

In Rye, New Hampshire a well established local hang out often favored by the beach crowd but open all year round make use of the bounty it harvests directly from the Gulf of Maine and provides its patrons with the best the coast line of New Hampshire can offer…

Petey’s Summertime Seafood and Bar (603-433-1937,


Located along Route 1A in Rye, New Hampshire Petey’s has been for years providing its patrons (locals and visitors) with its take on the use of local caught seafood year round.  Nowadays you can visit in person and order out when you return home to remember the summertime days relaxing in their outdoor seating taking in the ocean view, they offer live lobster shipments anywhere.  Voted best of New Hampshire Clam Chowder 2014-16 by New Hampshire Magazine, Petey’s offers ocean view dining and New England coastal culinary treats from its fresh catch.

We wait, check out our review in our Travel Wanderings section. Plan an excursion to Rye, NH this spring or summer. Remember, dont let the clock control the experience….

Sit back, take in the ocean setting and let Petey’s provide you with an culinary excursion!


A wooded respite near the top of New England – Tuckerman’s Restaurant & Tavern

Tuckerman’s Ravine and Mount Washington, some of the most independent and challenging terrain for a day adventurer, hiker, skier, naturalist, explorer…

1939 Historical Photo
Circa 1930s Tuckerman’s Ravine, background

Challenge this country and you will seek comfort when the Mountain releases you.  In the Mount Washington Valley there is an establishment that knows how to provide the comfort of a day ending warm brownie, or the succulent pleasure of a fine hearty New England dinner to warm the bones.

Tuckerman’s Restaurant and Tavern, (603) 356 5541,

Located in the scenic Mount Washington Valley – North of Jackson and Conway, NH Tuckerman’s Restaurant and Tavern (336 Route 16A, Intervale, NH) is a respite from a day’s adventure on the Mountain and the restaurants namesake. A gem of the north woods that you should positively check out.

Tucked away in the pines of the Mount Washington Valley in a truly New England setting, Tuckerman’s Restaurant and Tavern truly lives up to its name sake.  As Adam and Todd (owners/chefs) note, “New Hampshire’s Hidden Gem – offering delicious dinners…Totally independent, Totally Family Friendly, Totally Delicious”.  We offer up freshest ingredients prepped simply and delectably, great value and unique experience, inviting – friendly staff, simple yet delectable deserts. It is the independent spirit, the die hard mantra to fresh and delectable dishes (some traditional, some off-piste), and true New England atmosphere that makes Tuckerman’s Restaurant and Tavern a true respite of comfort.

Check out our review under our Travel Wanderings section, stop in to Tuckerman’s and enjoy the culinary experience owners Adam and Todd have created in the North Woods.  If you can get the cinnamon roll recipe, do!