When the East Meets the West, A Fusion of Asian Flavors and Italian Pizza

Lemon-Grass / Bok-Choy and Hoisin Beef Pizza

The text book in culinary school states that when “Cookery” Styles of different regional/global traditions are blended seamlessly one experiences fusion.  At the CTK we not only experiment with fusion, we experiment with twisted fusion.

For this culinary journey we messed with the “Cookery” Style, we made a funky pizza, but we also twisted the ingredients to include a seamless fusion of Asian and Italian flavors.  You’ll pick up earthy hints of mustard, ginger, and Chinese spices in the dough which enhances the sweetness of the dough.  Though we add bitter greens in the form of the bok-choy leaves and basil, we temper such with the garlic-sweetness of the hoisin sauce.  The richness of fresh mozzarella is balanced by the citrus of the lemon grass.

All in all this pie will take you into a fusion trip like no other.  Check it out under the “Pizza, O thee Mou! (Oh My!)” link under the “Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken” tab.

Xiǎngshòu / Viaggio Culinario