A little blue lava, some sweet saucy beef, all making for a mighty – Blue Que Lucy Burger

Comfort foods exist for many reasons. The dishes are artistically a way to display cullinary skill. They are an appetizing way to retreat and remind one’s self a periodic indulgent is not wrong. These dishes have tested time bringing families together to share fun and happy times.

These dishes can remind us of our youth, times spent care free, times spent enjoying more than fiber, lol!

Today we at the CTK bring to all a new comfort food for your periodic indulgence. We have mixed the sweetness of our Dock On The Bay BBQ Sauce and the sharp savoriness of crumbled blue cheese,  into a burger  sure to be a fan favorite! Check out “The Blue Que Lucy Burger – A Tantalizing Three Napkin Burger” under our Burgers section on the recipe tab.

True to our roots, if it aint in your face

It shan’t be on the plate

Long line Is Out- Hooks On, Wait They’re Driving A Truck

Today we launch a homegrown review of…oh wait, this group is out of Laramie, WY and selling Fish & Chips originating from the cold waters of Alaska. This must be…

On The Hook Fish And Chips

A food truck with a long line of reach

A landlocked New Englandah, our CT is always looking for great fish & chips in his travels. You know what we mean, a dish that lets you taste the fish not the oil and the chips hold there own, not as a secondary thought. The college students running the blue trucks this summah in Colorado, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming are preparing this Alaskan Cod just right, providing a tasty tantalizing treat fond in just a few places.

If your lucky to see one of these four trucks in a port near you, sound the bell. Motor over, you might catch Blaine, Michael and Sam preparing a lightly battered, buttery cold water cod filet you will fall in love with. Their seasoned fries will satisfy your crunch hunt, and if you have to go beyond malt vinegar, their Siraccha Mayo is killer.

Check out our review under the Travel Wanderings tab, “Long Line is Out…”. Keep a weathered eye out for the land ships to arrive!

Dreamin’of Carolina, We got the Que!

At the Kitchen we recently were reflecting on some lazy Summah days from our youth, spent briefly on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Days of Bon Jovi blasting from the jeep on the beach to the deck out back. Seafood galore & Carolina Que, oh may we have more!  The “Three T’s of Que – Twisted Tantalizing Thoughts” were developing then and are alive and well now in our memories…

We got to thinking, why relegate our tastes buds to just IMG_20180602_202114287memories. Today we introduce our Dock On The Bay Brisket, bringing our signature flavors forth that are vibrant in our sauce and dry rub of the same name.  Soon from our Kitchens to yours, you too can have a taste of this tantalizing Carolina Que we remember fondly.  Check out our recipe, await the launching of our sauce line (we give hints to satisfy the craving while you wait) and turn your Backyard Buffet into a Bayside Bonanza.

Check out our BBQ section under the “Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken” tab on the menu bar.  Pull up our “Dock On The Bay – Carolina Brisket” recipe, roll out the smoker and enjoy.

Grab a case of Shanty for the party, invite the friends over, wait for the sun to dip and enjoy “Going to Carolina – Outa of your mind” for this Que!

Moist, beautiful smoke ring and tasty bark, this brisket is tantalizing!


A new Que side dish is added – Seared Pork Belly & Collard Greens

When you think about Que, especially from the deep south, and you wonder about sides to serve with some great southern sweet Que, whatcha gonna seek…….Collard Greens.  Here at the CTK we have designed a collard green recipe that brings in the richness and savoriness of pork belly, with the heartiness of hominy and black beans, to serve up a twist on a traditional southern side dish. The savoriness and heat of these collard greens are going to kick you taste buds, up next to any sweet based Que you can serve it with.

Check out our Side Dish section under the “Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken” tab.  Pick you sides for your next Que-reation and enjoy some true Southern warmth and love with these greens.

The Three T’s of Que

Smokin, Slow-cookin, Grillin! All great Summah time activities that lead to one foregone conclusion……fire leads to some great tasting meat!  Today at the CTK we launch our BBQ Section – “Bar-B-Que, BBQ, Or as we like to say Que!” located under the tab entitled “Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken”.  Over the course of the Que Season we will present:

Twisted preparation alteratives

Tantalizing recipes using our future contributions and alternatives

Thoughts on how to make your Que even better!

The “Three T’s of Que” – “Twisted, Tantalizing Thoughts” for beef, pork, poultry, and fish

Are you ready for the experience? Are you ready for the Que! – check out our “Bar-B-Que, BBQ, Our as we like to say Que!” section under the recipes tab, and scroll over one of our fun and tasty recipes to add to your Que Season.

See you soon on the circuit, on the web, and perhaps a local Farmer’s Market