Long line Is Out- Hooks On, Wait They’re Driving A Truck

Today we launch a homegrown review of…oh wait, this group is out of Laramie, WY and selling Fish & Chips originating from the cold waters of Alaska. This must be…

On The Hook Fish And Chips

A food truck with a long line of reach

A landlocked New Englandah, our CT is always looking for great fish & chips in his travels. You know what we mean, a dish that lets you taste the fish not the oil and the chips hold there own, not as a secondary thought. The college students running the blue trucks this summah in Colorado, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming are preparing this Alaskan Cod just right, providing a tasty tantalizing treat fond in just a few places.

If your lucky to see one of these four trucks in a port near you, sound the bell. Motor over, you might catch Blaine, Michael and Sam preparing a lightly battered, buttery cold water cod filet you will fall in love with. Their seasoned fries will satisfy your crunch hunt, and if you have to go beyond malt vinegar, their Siraccha Mayo is killer.

Check out our review under the Travel Wanderings tab, “Long Line is Out…”. Keep a weathered eye out for the land ships to arrive!

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