Flashback – Southwestern Style: Red Chiles by Los Cuates

In 2015 we launched this site with some basic reviews both of recipes and of favorite local eateries and places to gather to eat when traveling the backroads and country.  Since then we have had a chance to see many outrageous locations (not all included herein), local hotspots where they really still get to know your name, and meet great people who sole joy is to take each of us on a culinary travel.

In our recent restaurant review (under the Travel Wanderings tab) we reintroduce Los Cuates in the Menaul neighborhood of Albuquerque, NM and their provision of a red chile tradition, Carne Adovada.


Locally owned since 1980, Los Cuates has been providing New Mexican entrees, inspired by long standing traditions from the family for all to enjoy.  Walk in and you quickly feel at home. As they note the Hacienda-style ambiance adds to the enjoyment of the senses.

Los Cuates’s production and use of Carne Adovada is heaven.  This earthy, spiced slow roasted pork is in my opinion stars above your standards pork verde or shredded barbaquoa.  Tying in the flavors of local red chilis, garlic, mexican oregano, limes and more, this pork presents itself to be a bounty of flavor for your favorite dish.

‘If you in Alburqueque, NM you have to try out Los Cuates. Visit them at 8700 Menaul Blvd.  Go hungry, leave satisfied. Dont forget to check out our introduction recipe of Carne Adovada soon to post at Chicken Thief Kitchens.  We take what is perfection, add a slight twist, and hope to meet the expectations of great Southwestern Culinary stylings.

Spatchcock-Que: From the farms in Cornwall to Rockwall New England Homesteads – a wee bird packs big flavor

Our Spatchcock-Que Cornish Hen is bound to expand your repertoire of BBQ options, so that you too can enjoy one, two, or three of our Three Ts of Que!  our Chicken Thief is fast becoming The Tormentor, The Teaser, the Food Crowd Pleaser.

This dish provides an opportunity to take very tasty bird and crank up the flavor profiles that in a way are surprising but satisfying.  The Cornish Game Hen, Cornish Hen, Plymouth Game Hen is a stocky breed broiler often used in New England households as a tasty, yet small roaster chicken with traditional seasonings of the region (sage, rosemary, thyme).  As we are not known for running our kitchen normal, our latest entry in our world of Que expands the known flavor profiles for this well sought after bird.

Check out our recipe under the recipes tab, the category header “Bar-B-Que, BBQ, Or As We Like to Say Que!”, entry Spatchcock-Que Cornish Hens.  Remember if its not in your face its not on our plate.  Though refined as the Cornish Hen is, this one is tasty and a little messy.

Mediterranean Shrimp & Grits -Here come’s the fisherman, to take me to Roma?

Arriva il pescatore per portarmi a Roma

Reminiscent of a little unheard of song from Elvis, we bring forth a recipe that takes an American-Southern tradition, Shrimp & Grits, and twists in an Italian influence like no other. Perhaps we might better yet here the shrimpers in the Gulf yelling “La ap vini chef las Italyen, naje sou kirbich”, urging the shrimp to swim on and not get caught/shipped to Italy. WHY?

Cuz’ when you try this Italian twisted dish you will not be satisfied with one serving. This is our,


Mediterranean Shrimp & Grits

Folks in Roma and gonna want to import Gulf Shrimp and Grits

Our Southern-American & Italian Fusion brings forth the sweetness of shrimp (more so if you can use shrimp sourced to the Gulf of Mexico) with the savory flavors of traditional Roma herbs. A little of southern smoke is added lets we forget its good to add smoke in southern cooking. Our grits may start off traditional (butter, onions, cream) but we quickly side step the straight course and jump continents to add in the richness of the cheeses often used in Roma. We add in a nutty-savory blend of ricotta and parmesan with some Monterey Jack, along with the Italian herbs you would swear you were in a bistro near the Coliseum.

Check out our new posting under the recipe tab, Main Dishes – Italian,

“Mediterranean Shrimp & Grits”

and enjoy!