Tarrant’s Cafe – Richmond, VA Southern Charm and Cuisine is Reborn

Tarrant’s Café in Richmond, Virginia…

Reinvents southern swank and charm with a soulful nod to the love they impart on their dishes.

Back from our research adventures and we have some great information to share with you all. As we learned in the South, hun….if you wait a spell all good things will come! In the Jackson Ward neighborhood of Richmond Tarrant’s Cafe is keeping southern charm and love alive, imbibing it in their dishes and their personality. IF there was a Cheer’s of the South, it would be Tarrant’s…..Gus just couldn’t get in fast enough could ya!

They have found a way to incorporate old south hospitality with a seventies swank/chic attitude into the ambiance and in each dish. The menu takes a wide slice out of the culinary styles of American Bistro, Soulful Avant-Garde, and an ever subtle Island influence all combining into a mixture of southern dishes which are sure to tempt even the most willful obedience to watching those indulgences.

Tarrant’s Café is where to get your food groove on. Check out our review under the “Travel Wanderings” Tab, or click here


And when you visit Richmond stop on in. When you visit say hello to Janelle, Tianna, and Jess. Let’em know that Gus and the CT say hello.IMG_20180918_204034213