Twisting Under a Tuscan Skye

Wondering where the CTK went….not far.  We have a number of projects in the works but here is our latest

When you take flavors of central Italy, add a little red wine and some creme, listen to a little BlueJazzSpell at Portsmouth Community Radio (, Portsmouth – NH), you might find yourself twisting with a feverish infusion.  Or it just may be the wine, who cares.

2019 is kicking off with one of our great dish developed recently- Tuscan Skillet Beef with Pinot Noir Creme Sauce over Farfalle Pasta.  This is one of a handful one-skillet dinners that are coming out this year, some light, some as rich as ever, but always a crowd teaser and family pleaser!

Check out our new recipe, Tuscan Skillet Beef with Pinot Noir Creme  Sauce, under the Recipe Tab – Main Dish,Italiká.  Try out our first one skillet meal, light on butter and creme, and let us know if you add your own little twist any time.