Barn Yard Royalty Know Where The Hot Stove Is… Buzz & Ned’s Real Barbecue

Deep down yonder on the James River, South of the Mason-Dixon Line, there is the best blend of barbecue everyone should take a pilgrimage to enjoy. Blending Smokey Mountain Pit Que, full of porky-goodness, and Texas Plains Pit Que, full of zing-zang-zoom of heavenly heated beef, Buzz & Ned’s Real Barbecue Roadhouse ( in Richmond, Virginia has bested the best of grill masters on many stages and provides a truly rich experience which will cause “Twisted Tantalizing Thoughts” to be remembered for a long time.

There are no words that can describe this Nirvana of Que Heaven. We tried, check out our review under our Travel Wanderings. Our Culinary Caravan has been trying to place words to the truly best mix of Appalachia and Plains barbecue we have found to date. The tradition of 150 years of Pit Que is well represented by Buzz as he continues to carry the lessons from Ned forward for us all to enjoy.

Read our review, plan a trip to Richmond to enjoy the Southern Charm this gem has to offer, and go on over to say hello to Buzz, Chell, Jasmine, Von, Darius, Daquan, and Jamiel. Plan to stay for a while and let Buzz cater the capping stop to a Twisted Tantalizing Thoughtful trip.