Follow the Llama to the Best Sandwich in Salt Lake

When in Salt Lake, if you spot the Llama of The Red Food Truck…FOLLOW!

A quickly becoming popular food truck has been on the scene in Salt Lake for a bit and we here at the Chicken Thief Kitchens are quickly becoming versed on why the following is growing.  It starts with the welcoming nature and good humor of front man – Guido.  Imbibing the welcoming nature of the Peruvian culture, he gladly introduces all new comers to the culinary delicacies of Peruvian cooking.  Araceli and Laura, running the kitchen, impart the care and love many Peruvian kitchens imbibe for family and friends.  All around the food shows they and owner Maria care about you coming back.

At the CTK we say any new foodie must, MUST try the Lomo Saltado Plate.  The Lomo Saltado is to Peru as Fried Chicken is to the Southern United States.  Go hot and proud, for their vinegar and Ajis Amarillo based sauce is powerfully packed with flavor and will light the fires.  After this introduction, check out our Travel Wanderings section and look for the same entitle review page.  Check out all of the Peruvian specialties, and say hello the dynamic three behind the wheel and grill.  The Red Food Truck will rival other options and quickly become your fan favorite. As is the case in Peru, the kitchen is open and this team is welcoming you in!