Roasted Chicken Pozole with a Thief’s Twist

From the New World many dishes were/have been added to our modern culinary culture from the first peoples as well as the cultures of immigrants and empires.  Pozole, a hominy soup or stew, is derived from a culinary tradition of the Aztec. Consumed during celebratory times, pozole can be found in many Mexican and South American restaurants replicated with Mesoamerican and European influences.

At the CTK we take this traditional Mexican stew and twist it up every so slightly. To Mexican spiced hominy we  add seasoned black beans and roasted chicken (yes store bought) to expedite the plating and joyous consumption of this comforting stew.  To the stew we add our pepper of choice, mild New Mexican chili powder, Spanish Paprika, and a host of other southwest spices to develop a mildly spicy, warming stew that is fabulous at taking the chill off or enjoying with friends on a game night or gathering.

Prepare this dish and find that it is a crowd pleaser, if not a teaser for more! Prepared with fresh guacamole, or sliced avocado, with or without an additional Mexican delicacy, this recipe will bring them back for more.  Check out our recipe under “Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken – Southwest Cuisine”.


Comer Bien!

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