Mountain Home Calling from the hills of NH and KY

Straight from the hills of Kentucky comes this inspired recipe using St. Louis Ribs, Kentucky bourbon and blackberries and our go to maple syrup from Harding Hill Farm ( located in Sunapee, NH.  Kentucky is known for bourbon, blackberries, horse racing, and Appalachia Mountain cooking.  These ribs are a sweet addition to the long mountain home traditions of Que’ng in Kentucky.

Our Kentucky Blue St. Louis Ribs (see “Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken – Bar-Be-Que, BBQ, or as we like to say Que!”) find that sweet mix of maple syrup and bourbon that when presented smoked are a contagious treat.  Our version was slow cooked and seared and still caused mouths to water.  The sweet aroma is further enhanced by the fruity notes provided by the infusion of blackberries, combined with traditional spices of Kentucky BBQ and folks will be coming up the mountain for more.  Get sum racks today and try this recipe out!


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