A trip to the Big Easy is a short hop into Boston’s Back Bay

Southern Soul and Love comes to Boston’s Back Bay

Flash back to 1920’s, to the Speakeasies and Swanky hidden bars, throw into the mix both Southern soul and love, add a cultural willingness to forget boundaries and transform traditions with a cosmopolitan twist and you will begin to understand the Big Easy experience at Buttermilk & Bourbon in Boston, MA (www.buttermilkbourbon.com/about-us)

Chef Jason Santos is a dynamic Boston Chef having opened to other locations previously.  Honing skills in restaurants and on TV, Chef Santos has brought a unique style and signature to the Boston eatery options that only knows the limit of his imagination.  His latest venture lured out us one evening while in Boston in March 2019 and we are better for it.  At Buttermilk & Bourbon Chef Santos provides the Big Easy’s sensuousness on a plate for all to enjoy.  Take a trip into Boston’s Back Bay, enter Buttermilk & Bourbon below street level and check reality at the door.  Here, a carnal knowledge of food awaits to be explored by you.

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