Chicken Thief Kitchens, huh.  Catchy, Intriguing, Great Potential!

About two years ago I started this blog with two goals, find and share great recipes, and share with others the culinary treats that abound in the cities and back-roads I and others have traveled. So far its been a fun journey but it can and will be better as we travel this twisted culinary travel together.  I encourage all who enjoy a tasty treat to share their experiences while I continue to bring great finds to the followers of this site.

Chicken-Thief-Kitchens_logo_RGB_hiToday we introduce our new personalized logo.  I have been asked, why Chicken Thief Kitchens.  When you think back about your family lineage, I am sure there are stories centered around humor and stories centered around reality on the journeys our families have taken to reach where we now stand.  Culinary backgrounds begin with these journeys, and add a great backdrop to our story.

We can all say this day and age that our family lineages are as diverse as there are stars in the sky.  Our’s certainly has its different European influences. Whether it be from the lands of the Scotts where the family bravely stood with Highland neighbors on grounds which hosted battles such as Culloden before the family pioneered and settled the area of Cape Bretton and Inverness in Nova Scotia, the lands of the Irish before the potato famine forced immigration to New York and our patriarchs fought bravely for the Union and their new homeland, the streets of Paris during the 16th century where due to revolution and poverty the family initiated settlement in French speaking Canada around Quebec prior to the American revolutionary war.  Add influences of the Grecian culture, learned by hard work in Northern Thrace – lands of Alexander the Great and his fore-bearers, to the streets of Athens and the young culture of University students following a passion of self direction.  All of these journeys have had a common theme during which each brought with them their culinary traditions. If we looked at these journeys today, they provide many opportunities for underlying culinary heritage to grow, and to be learned by future generations who can add their life’s influence to dishes we have come to love.

Chicken Thief Kitchens bores from a family tradition rooted in humor but also a drive to test our culinary heritage with new spices to see how the taste buds can be invigorated.  As noted families have emigrated to the United States for many reasons.  From Thrace, we have heard that the family had members prone to take and cook chickens that may not have always been their own.  Having been run out of town, the best option presented was to start anew in the USA. In reality we know that war, revolution and a desire to seek self fulfillment were the drivers but its fun to think that in light of revolution a simple thing as stealing a chicken, caused a portion of our lineage to arrive in the USA.

Vive le Poulet!

Fada beo an Sicin!

Zito to Kotopoulo!


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  1. Great to have you visit us Doug & Mary & thanks for taking such good care of our Nacho while dad & I enjoyed the Reynolds Family Reunion in OBX! Thanks too for your fabulous new BBQ Sauce. Safe return behind the Zion Curtain!


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