Cocktails and Libations

Today at the Chicken Thief Kitchens we launched a new category under our Recipes tab, Twisted Cocktails.   At CTK you have come to know us as non–traditional in our style and our designs.  We dont mind traditions, but twisting them has come up with some interesting combinations.  Currently whether its our Twisted Citrus Tea (deserving of a spring or summah twist as the weather turns nicer) or our latest contribution to our family’s passion, you cannot go wrong with a tasty libation for a comfortable evening on the deck.

Check out our latest contribution, Citrus Blu Margarita, under the Recipes – Twisted Cocktails and see how Spring ought to taste.  Just in time for Cinco De Mayo! As those summah days come up, the western desert skies a glow inspiring this twisted margarita for all.

As always, we encourage responsible consumption of alcohol: age appropriate consumption and Dont Drink & Drive!

A spice trade travel for chili

February 21, 2020

In American comfort food cuisine there are a number of entries that warm the soul but non-so better than chili con carne.  Who has not reached for that staple of beans, onions, beef, tomatoes and heat spices (chili, cayenne, or chipotle powder) to serve a warming bowl of spice.  Today the Chicken Thief launches a new comfort food addition to our lineup, our 5-Way Grecian Chili.  We are taking an American staple and twisting it with influences from the ancient spice routes to the east of the Mediterranean.

This twisted chili, the first in a few we will present, has placed well in a local contest and we hope it will find a beloved place in your family lineup.  Check out our new recipe under the Comfort Food tab (for now), entitled 5-Way Grecian Chili.  In the course of developing the flavor of your own batch, enjoy this trip around the Med.

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Tróo, Apolamváno (Eat, Enjoy)

Maple Infusion has hit the CTK

Since March 2019 we have been busy creating infusions of maple syrup into a number of dishes.  Some have been supportive of our passion in Que, while others have been new trials and great wins.  We have paired our favorite product from Harding Hill Farm in Sunapee, NH in a number of ways with great flavor jumps by Kentucky Bourbon, Hickory Smoked Bacon, and all sorts of items that just give a warm glow to our faces.

Check out our review of Harding Hill Farm (, 524 Stagecoach Road, Sunapee, New Hampshire) under our Travel Wanderings tab.  The Webb Family and their team continue a long standing tradition of maple sugaring and gentry farming, caring for their land, the trees and their livestock.  They provide fantastic contributions to many of a traditional, and as we twisted, family crowd pleasing recipes.

And check out some of our new recipes under the Recipes tab. These include:

Our Banana Bread French Toast with Blackberry-Blueberry Maple Compote is a delectable start to anyone’s day.

Our crafted Maple-Bourbon-Bacon glaze led to the creation of our Glazed Pork Loin and Pan-seared Bone-in Ribeye. Stop in to Harding Hill Farms and grab some Belted Galloway grass fed beef cuts to try in these recipes. HHF is not selling pasture raised pork products in 2019 but give them a call they know some local sources which can help you out.

Our Kentucky Blu BBQ Sauce found success in its use on our slow cooked Kentucky Blu St. Louis Ribs, Grass-fed Slow Roasted Tri-tip, the Godfather Burger, Tomahawk Centered Cut Pork Chops, and a first of its kind our Maple-Bourbon Hickory Smoked Meatloaf Burrito.

Our Maple-Bourbon Boston Baked Beans.

Our maple infused bourbon-sweet tea cocktail, Twisted Citrus Tea, that will be the hit of any Summah time or Fall party!

Check back as we add these and more recipes to the lineup inspired by our friends at Harding Hill Farm.

Mountain Home Calling from the hills of NH and KY

Straight from the hills of Kentucky comes this inspired recipe using St. Louis Ribs, Kentucky bourbon and blackberries and our go to maple syrup from Harding Hill Farm ( located in Sunapee, NH.  Kentucky is known for bourbon, blackberries, horse racing, and Appalachia Mountain cooking.  These ribs are a sweet addition to the long mountain home traditions of Que’ng in Kentucky.

Our Kentucky Blue St. Louis Ribs (see “Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken – Bar-Be-Que, BBQ, or as we like to say Que!”) find that sweet mix of maple syrup and bourbon that when presented smoked are a contagious treat.  Our version was slow cooked and seared and still caused mouths to water.  The sweet aroma is further enhanced by the fruity notes provided by the infusion of blackberries, combined with traditional spices of Kentucky BBQ and folks will be coming up the mountain for more.  Get sum racks today and try this recipe out!


Roasted Chicken Pozole with a Thief’s Twist

From the New World many dishes were/have been added to our modern culinary culture from the first peoples as well as the cultures of immigrants and empires.  Pozole, a hominy soup or stew, is derived from a culinary tradition of the Aztec. Consumed during celebratory times, pozole can be found in many Mexican and South American restaurants replicated with Mesoamerican and European influences.

At the CTK we take this traditional Mexican stew and twist it up every so slightly. To Mexican spiced hominy we  add seasoned black beans and roasted chicken (yes store bought) to expedite the plating and joyous consumption of this comforting stew.  To the stew we add our pepper of choice, mild New Mexican chili powder, Spanish Paprika, and a host of other southwest spices to develop a mildly spicy, warming stew that is fabulous at taking the chill off or enjoying with friends on a game night or gathering.

Prepare this dish and find that it is a crowd pleaser, if not a teaser for more! Prepared with fresh guacamole, or sliced avocado, with or without an additional Mexican delicacy, this recipe will bring them back for more.  Check out our recipe under “Recipes – This Aint Just Chicken – Southwest Cuisine”.


Comer Bien!

Twisting Under a Tuscan Skye

Wondering where the CTK went….not far.  We have a number of projects in the works but here is our latest

When you take flavors of central Italy, add a little red wine and some creme, listen to a little BlueJazzSpell at Portsmouth Community Radio (, Portsmouth – NH), you might find yourself twisting with a feverish infusion.  Or it just may be the wine, who cares.

2019 is kicking off with one of our great dish developed recently- Tuscan Skillet Beef with Pinot Noir Creme Sauce over Farfalle Pasta.  This is one of a handful one-skillet dinners that are coming out this year, some light, some as rich as ever, but always a crowd teaser and family pleaser!

Check out our new recipe, Tuscan Skillet Beef with Pinot Noir Creme  Sauce, under the Recipe Tab – Main Dish,Italiká.  Try out our first one skillet meal, light on butter and creme, and let us know if you add your own little twist any time.


Spatchcock-Que: From the farms in Cornwall to Rockwall New England Homesteads – a wee bird packs big flavor

Our Spatchcock-Que Cornish Hen is bound to expand your repertoire of BBQ options, so that you too can enjoy one, two, or three of our Three Ts of Que!  our Chicken Thief is fast becoming The Tormentor, The Teaser, the Food Crowd Pleaser.

This dish provides an opportunity to take very tasty bird and crank up the flavor profiles that in a way are surprising but satisfying.  The Cornish Game Hen, Cornish Hen, Plymouth Game Hen is a stocky breed broiler often used in New England households as a tasty, yet small roaster chicken with traditional seasonings of the region (sage, rosemary, thyme).  As we are not known for running our kitchen normal, our latest entry in our world of Que expands the known flavor profiles for this well sought after bird.

Check out our recipe under the recipes tab, the category header “Bar-B-Que, BBQ, Or As We Like to Say Que!”, entry Spatchcock-Que Cornish Hens.  Remember if its not in your face its not on our plate.  Though refined as the Cornish Hen is, this one is tasty and a little messy.

Mediterranean Shrimp & Grits -Here come’s the fisherman, to take me to Roma?

Arriva il pescatore per portarmi a Roma

Reminiscent of a little unheard of song from Elvis, we bring forth a recipe that takes an American-Southern tradition, Shrimp & Grits, and twists in an Italian influence like no other. Perhaps we might better yet here the shrimpers in the Gulf yelling “La ap vini chef las Italyen, naje sou kirbich”, urging the shrimp to swim on and not get caught/shipped to Italy. WHY?

Cuz’ when you try this Italian twisted dish you will not be satisfied with one serving. This is our,


Mediterranean Shrimp & Grits

Folks in Roma and gonna want to import Gulf Shrimp and Grits

Our Southern-American & Italian Fusion brings forth the sweetness of shrimp (more so if you can use shrimp sourced to the Gulf of Mexico) with the savory flavors of traditional Roma herbs. A little of southern smoke is added lets we forget its good to add smoke in southern cooking. Our grits may start off traditional (butter, onions, cream) but we quickly side step the straight course and jump continents to add in the richness of the cheeses often used in Roma. We add in a nutty-savory blend of ricotta and parmesan with some Monterey Jack, along with the Italian herbs you would swear you were in a bistro near the Coliseum.

Check out our new posting under the recipe tab, Main Dishes – Italian,

“Mediterranean Shrimp & Grits”

and enjoy!

NorEastah Tip Roast – a tempest of a dish

America has it long traditional hubs for barbeque, ranging from the Carolinas and the Deep South to Kansas City and Texas. If anyone were to tell you that great Que can be found in New England, they’d be asking what’s your brand of bourbon…

Our chef, true to his roots, has found a way to blend the seasonal favorites of the New England states and beyond to bring y’all a Que that throws all of the “Three Ts” up in the air to be stirred by the tempests of this region.  You want to see how cranberries, maple syrup, cinnamon and all sorts of Twisted Tantalizing Thoughts of BBQ can be brought to your table…

Check out our new recipe “NorEastah Tip Roast – like our sauce a tempest twist of New England BBQ” posted under the Recipe Tabs, BBQ section. Wait for our new products or use our advice on how to doctor your own go to supplies, and enjoy this addition to a great Que Lineup.

A little blue lava, some sweet saucy beef, all making for a mighty – Blue Que Lucy Burger

Comfort foods exist for many reasons. The dishes are artistically a way to display cullinary skill. They are an appetizing way to retreat and remind one’s self a periodic indulgent is not wrong. These dishes have tested time bringing families together to share fun and happy times.

These dishes can remind us of our youth, times spent care free, times spent enjoying more than fiber, lol!

Today we at the CTK bring to all a new comfort food for your periodic indulgence. We have mixed the sweetness of our Dock On The Bay BBQ Sauce and the sharp savoriness of crumbled blue cheese,  into a burger  sure to be a fan favorite! Check out “The Blue Que Lucy Burger – A Tantalizing Three Napkin Burger” under our Burgers section on the recipe tab.

True to our roots, if it aint in your face

It shan’t be on the plate