Maple Infusion has hit the CTK

Since March 2019 we have been busy creating infusions of maple syrup into a number of dishes.  Some have been supportive of our passion in Que, while others have been new trials and great wins.  We have paired our favorite product from Harding Hill Farm in Sunapee, NH in a number of ways with great flavor jumps by Kentucky Bourbon, Hickory Smoked Bacon, and all sorts of items that just give a warm glow to our faces.

Check out our review of Harding Hill Farm (, 524 Stagecoach Road, Sunapee, New Hampshire) under our Travel Wanderings tab.  The Webb Family and their team continue a long standing tradition of maple sugaring and gentry farming, caring for their land, the trees and their livestock.  They provide fantastic contributions to many of a traditional, and as we twisted, family crowd pleasing recipes.

And check out some of our new recipes under the Recipes tab. These include:

Our Banana Bread French Toast with Blackberry-Blueberry Maple Compote is a delectable start to anyone’s day.

Our crafted Maple-Bourbon-Bacon glaze led to the creation of our Glazed Pork Loin and Pan-seared Bone-in Ribeye. Stop in to Harding Hill Farms and grab some Belted Galloway grass fed beef cuts to try in these recipes. HHF is not selling pasture raised pork products in 2019 but give them a call they know some local sources which can help you out.

Our Kentucky Blu BBQ Sauce found success in its use on our slow cooked Kentucky Blu St. Louis Ribs, Grass-fed Slow Roasted Tri-tip, the Godfather Burger, Tomahawk Centered Cut Pork Chops, and a first of its kind our Maple-Bourbon Hickory Smoked Meatloaf Burrito.

Our Maple-Bourbon Boston Baked Beans.

Our maple infused bourbon-sweet tea cocktail, Twisted Citrus Tea, that will be the hit of any Summah time or Fall party!

Check back as we add these and more recipes to the lineup inspired by our friends at Harding Hill Farm.

A trip to the Big Easy is a short hop into Boston’s Back Bay

Southern Soul and Love comes to Boston’s Back Bay

Flash back to 1920’s, to the Speakeasies and Swanky hidden bars, throw into the mix both Southern soul and love, add a cultural willingness to forget boundaries and transform traditions with a cosmopolitan twist and you will begin to understand the Big Easy experience at Buttermilk & Bourbon in Boston, MA (

Chef Jason Santos is a dynamic Boston Chef having opened to other locations previously.  Honing skills in restaurants and on TV, Chef Santos has brought a unique style and signature to the Boston eatery options that only knows the limit of his imagination.  His latest venture lured out us one evening while in Boston in March 2019 and we are better for it.  At Buttermilk & Bourbon Chef Santos provides the Big Easy’s sensuousness on a plate for all to enjoy.  Take a trip into Boston’s Back Bay, enter Buttermilk & Bourbon below street level and check reality at the door.  Here, a carnal knowledge of food awaits to be explored by you.

Check out our review under Travel Wanderings

Follow the Llama to the Best Sandwich in Salt Lake

When in Salt Lake, if you spot the Llama of The Red Food Truck…FOLLOW!

A quickly becoming popular food truck has been on the scene in Salt Lake for a bit and we here at the Chicken Thief Kitchens are quickly becoming versed on why the following is growing.  It starts with the welcoming nature and good humor of front man – Guido.  Imbibing the welcoming nature of the Peruvian culture, he gladly introduces all new comers to the culinary delicacies of Peruvian cooking.  Araceli and Laura, running the kitchen, impart the care and love many Peruvian kitchens imbibe for family and friends.  All around the food shows they and owner Maria care about you coming back.

At the CTK we say any new foodie must, MUST try the Lomo Saltado Plate.  The Lomo Saltado is to Peru as Fried Chicken is to the Southern United States.  Go hot and proud, for their vinegar and Ajis Amarillo based sauce is powerfully packed with flavor and will light the fires.  After this introduction, check out our Travel Wanderings section and look for the same entitle review page.  Check out all of the Peruvian specialties, and say hello the dynamic three behind the wheel and grill.  The Red Food Truck will rival other options and quickly become your fan favorite. As is the case in Peru, the kitchen is open and this team is welcoming you in!

Barn Yard Royalty Know Where The Hot Stove Is… Buzz & Ned’s Real Barbecue

Deep down yonder on the James River, South of the Mason-Dixon Line, there is the best blend of barbecue everyone should take a pilgrimage to enjoy. Blending Smokey Mountain Pit Que, full of porky-goodness, and Texas Plains Pit Que, full of zing-zang-zoom of heavenly heated beef, Buzz & Ned’s Real Barbecue Roadhouse ( in Richmond, Virginia has bested the best of grill masters on many stages and provides a truly rich experience which will cause “Twisted Tantalizing Thoughts” to be remembered for a long time.

There are no words that can describe this Nirvana of Que Heaven. We tried, check out our review under our Travel Wanderings. Our Culinary Caravan has been trying to place words to the truly best mix of Appalachia and Plains barbecue we have found to date. The tradition of 150 years of Pit Que is well represented by Buzz as he continues to carry the lessons from Ned forward for us all to enjoy.

Read our review, plan a trip to Richmond to enjoy the Southern Charm this gem has to offer, and go on over to say hello to Buzz, Chell, Jasmine, Von, Darius, Daquan, and Jamiel. Plan to stay for a while and let Buzz cater the capping stop to a Twisted Tantalizing Thoughtful trip.

Tarrant’s Cafe – Richmond, VA Southern Charm and Cuisine is Reborn

Tarrant’s Café in Richmond, Virginia…

Reinvents southern swank and charm with a soulful nod to the love they impart on their dishes.

Back from our research adventures and we have some great information to share with you all. As we learned in the South, hun….if you wait a spell all good things will come! In the Jackson Ward neighborhood of Richmond Tarrant’s Cafe is keeping southern charm and love alive, imbibing it in their dishes and their personality. IF there was a Cheer’s of the South, it would be Tarrant’s…..Gus just couldn’t get in fast enough could ya!

They have found a way to incorporate old south hospitality with a seventies swank/chic attitude into the ambiance and in each dish. The menu takes a wide slice out of the culinary styles of American Bistro, Soulful Avant-Garde, and an ever subtle Island influence all combining into a mixture of southern dishes which are sure to tempt even the most willful obedience to watching those indulgences.

Tarrant’s Café is where to get your food groove on. Check out our review under the “Travel Wanderings” Tab, or click here

And when you visit Richmond stop on in. When you visit say hello to Janelle, Tianna, and Jess. Let’em know that Gus and the CT say hello.IMG_20180918_204034213

Flashback – Southwestern Style: Red Chiles by Los Cuates

In 2015 we launched this site with some basic reviews both of recipes and of favorite local eateries and places to gather to eat when traveling the backroads and country.  Since then we have had a chance to see many outrageous locations (not all included herein), local hotspots where they really still get to know your name, and meet great people who sole joy is to take each of us on a culinary travel.

In our recent restaurant review (under the Travel Wanderings tab) we reintroduce Los Cuates in the Menaul neighborhood of Albuquerque, NM and their provision of a red chile tradition, Carne Adovada.


Locally owned since 1980, Los Cuates has been providing New Mexican entrees, inspired by long standing traditions from the family for all to enjoy.  Walk in and you quickly feel at home. As they note the Hacienda-style ambiance adds to the enjoyment of the senses.

Los Cuates’s production and use of Carne Adovada is heaven.  This earthy, spiced slow roasted pork is in my opinion stars above your standards pork verde or shredded barbaquoa.  Tying in the flavors of local red chilis, garlic, mexican oregano, limes and more, this pork presents itself to be a bounty of flavor for your favorite dish.

‘If you in Alburqueque, NM you have to try out Los Cuates. Visit them at 8700 Menaul Blvd.  Go hungry, leave satisfied. Dont forget to check out our introduction recipe of Carne Adovada soon to post at Chicken Thief Kitchens.  We take what is perfection, add a slight twist, and hope to meet the expectations of great Southwestern Culinary stylings.

Long line Is Out- Hooks On, Wait They’re Driving A Truck

Today we launch a homegrown review of…oh wait, this group is out of Laramie, WY and selling Fish & Chips originating from the cold waters of Alaska. This must be…

On The Hook Fish And Chips

A food truck with a long line of reach

A landlocked New Englandah, our CT is always looking for great fish & chips in his travels. You know what we mean, a dish that lets you taste the fish not the oil and the chips hold there own, not as a secondary thought. The college students running the blue trucks this summah in Colorado, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming are preparing this Alaskan Cod just right, providing a tasty tantalizing treat fond in just a few places.

If your lucky to see one of these four trucks in a port near you, sound the bell. Motor over, you might catch Blaine, Michael and Sam preparing a lightly battered, buttery cold water cod filet you will fall in love with. Their seasoned fries will satisfy your crunch hunt, and if you have to go beyond malt vinegar, their Siraccha Mayo is killer.

Check out our review under the Travel Wanderings tab, “Long Line is Out…”. Keep a weathered eye out for the land ships to arrive!