Recipes – This Ain’t Just Chicken

Wondering what to cook for the crowd?  Want something different, or a twist on a old tradition?  Check out these recipes drawn from our Principal Chicken Thief and his explorations in our always open kitchen.  Highlight the “Recipes – This Ain’t Just Chicken” section header (in the navigation bar above) and select a recipe from the list which appears.  New recipes will also be displayed for approximately a week as a blog post, when first posted.

Want the latest and newest recipe from our Principal Chicken Thief, check out our “Home” section available in the navigation bar above.

Do you have a sauce, dish, fusion masterpiece you want to share with the blogsphere?  We welcome all collaborations and new additions.  Submit a recipe and challenge others to jump into their kitchens, to become chicken thieves themselves.  Whose ready to Cook?

Recipes can be submitted by posting such as a comment or directly emailing our Principal Chicken Thief (view our “Contact Us” section in the navigation bar above).

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