Comfort Food (Anesi Trofímon)

We used to have a saying in our home growing up…”Your tired, long day at school, your hungry, what do you want….Brownies!”

Comfort food comes in many styles, many flavors, many colors.  Comfort food is the type that brings up nostalgia from the kitchen, whether it be cultural or familial dishes.  These dishes bring a smile to one’s face, and often a warm belly on a cold fall or winter day.  Comfort food is definable not by the chef but by the individual who is partaking of the food.  It is the flavors and scents, the spices and the ingredients,  the joy it brings around the family table.

Chicken Thief Kitchens will from time to time publish a new comfort dish, so check in on this section periodically.  We draw on our family’s cultural influences and joys our moms (and in some cases our dads) made when we were kids.  We also bring in new recipes our chefs have developed to create new memories at home.

Grab a spoon or fork, shake off the chill of the cooler temps outside, and enjoy a warm dish that will keep the home fires burning!

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