Bar-B-Que, BBQ or as we like to say Que!

When Memorial Day weekend arrives, decks, patios, heck any outdoor space begins to be dotted by grills, smokers and all accoutrements to facilitate the grilling, roasting, searing, and smoking of meat.  Over the coarse of the Que season, some may splurge and try their hands at prepping fish, veggies, and other wildly conceptual dishes (grilled desert, grilled pizza), all in pursuit of the wonderful flavor that char can provide.

We at the CTK take our Que pretty serious.  There are camps out there, completely vested in their stance….Sauce, No Sauce, Dry Rub, Wet Rub, Combination, Meat Only, High Heat, Low and Slow, Smoke Smoke and more Smoke!  Regardless of your preference, here in we will present some tasty options to try.  We’ll present our best takes on this outlet to presenting the best in fire side dining from our tastiest cuts of beef, pork, poultry go the bounty derived from sea and garden.  We’ll take some traditions, twist them up and give your tastes buds the chance to enjoy food prepped outdoors where the Summah air is cool in the evening, the choice beverages go down smooth and the company of friends is enjoyed that much more.

Our ancestors got it right, fire adds flavor. Where there’s fire theres smoke and both do a pretty good job of creating mouth watering Que for an entire season.  So pull up the lounge chairs, gather the wood/charcoal, get the tanks topped off….Its Que Season at the CTK!