Dont Give A Dam, St. Louis Ribs

Like the fabled line from Gone With the Wind – “Frankly my dear, we” Dont Give a Dam, except for dem ribs.  Two full racks of lip smacking, mouth watering, slow cooked St. Louis Ribs….Does it get any better!


  • 2 racks (about 2.5 lbs each) St. Louis Ribs with back membrane removed
  • Approximately 4 cups of our Dont Give A Dam dry rub (or your own favorite mix)
  • Approximately 1 cup of your favorite wet rub/marinade (to help hold the dry rub and to tenderize the meat)
  • 2 Cups of Apple Cidah Vinegar
  • 2 qty – 1/2 cup portions of Worcestshire Sauce
  • 1 to 2 cups of our Dont Give A Dam BBQ Sauce (or your own favorite southern bbq sauce)


  • Heavy duty aluminum foil extra wide
  • 2 qty – 2 gallon size zip lock bags
  • sheet pan


Serving Size – 4 to 6 ribs

Servings per recipe – 1 to 2 servings, for 2 to 4 people (1 rack per two people approx.)

This is a low and slow recipe, capable of being smoked and having its flavors enhanced by pecan, almond or walnut wood smoke.  Our Kitchen was aiming for some grill time but these ribs do need to be cooked low and slow.  Herein we present the use of the oven and grill to present the ribs in the best manner using these pieces of equipment.


  1. 24 hours ahead of cooking prepare the ribs by lathering all sides with your favorite wet rub or marrinade, than applying a liberal coat of a dry rub on all sides
  2. Place each rack individually into a 2-gallon zip lock bag and refrigerate for 24 hours
  3. 1 hour prior to cooking remove the ribs from the refrigerator, allow them to warm slightly cooler than room temperature
  4. Pre-heat your oven to 275 °F
  5. Place a rack in the center of an extra long sheet of extra wide tinfoil, lift the long and short edges to form a slight bowl
  6. Add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and a 1/2 cup of Worcestshire sauceIMG_20180527_151945955
  7. Crimp the long edges together and roll/fold creating a sealed edge
  8. Crimp the short edges together and roll/fold creating a sealed edge
  9. Place rib packet into a second sheet of exta wide tinfoil, upside down, roll/fold the edges to seal
  10. Placed both rib foil packets on a large sheet pan, place the pan in the center of the oven, cook low and slow for 2.75 to 3.0 hours
  11. Clean and oil your grill surface, pre-heat your grill to 300-350 °F – 15 10 minutes prior to the ribs being done in the oven
  12. Open carefully the tinfoil packets and place each rib rack onto the pre-heated grill surface (which should be welled oiled)
  13. Grill each side of the racks for approximately 5-6 mintues, or until grill marks appear on the meat surface
  14. Remove the rib racks and place back into their tinfoil packets

Keep the ribs warm till ready to serve, when ready –

  1. Remove a rack from its packet to a cutting board, chop or cut 4 to 6 ribs from the rack and plate with selected sides
  2. Drizzle our Dont Give A Dam BBQ sauce or your favorite southern bbq sauce on the ribs prior to serving or have your guests do so themselves at the table

Roll up the sleeves, dig on in and enjoy this trip inspired by the flavors of the South!