Pizza, O̱ Thee Mou! (Oh My!)

From time to time our Principal Chicken Thief takes the pizza stone off the shelf to try new flavors & new combinations of this traditional Mediterranean dish.

Pizza, being around since the neolithic age, has been prepared by the Italians, Greeks (i.e. plakous), and other ancient cultures for centuries.  First likely starting off as flat bread (for example, foccacia a flat bread known by the Romans as panis focacius), the conversion to pizza in the 16th Century was due to the arrival of the tomato in Europe from the Americas.  By the 18th Century around Naples tomatoes were added to their yeast-based flat bread and pizza was born.

On Principal Chicken Thief continues with his Greek roots and tries new variations on this very traditional dish.  Using a dough recipe from Chef Guy Fierri, new toppings are tried and tested.  When deemed to be delectable by our taste testers, we shall post the recipes here.  Our kitchens are busy trying new dough recipes, which will be posted when tested.

As the Greeks would say, Kalí̱ Órexi̱! (Bon Appetite!)

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