Sauces, Toppings, Condiments (Sáltses , Epikalýpseis & Karykévmata)

Many dishes are great by themselves, but add that special extra and whoa!  There is an explosion of taste and flavor beyond match.

In this section, Sáltses , Epikalýpseis & Karykévmata (Sauces, Toppings & Condiments), we here at Chicken Thief Kitchens will present flavor sensations to help you take your dish to the next level.  These will vary greatly, but imagine being able to take that same old dish and reserving it with a new zing!  Does your family or friends ask about what your next best dish will be?  How about serving to them the same old with a twisted topping, they may just rave about the new dish.

Pair a traditional Pico de’Gallo with some steamers, or a Greek Pico de’Gallo with some lamb.  We will bring to you new additions that when paired with a dish, will make the visitors go home wanting more.