Albuquerque Wanderings

0812141247 Los Cuates Albuquerque UptownIn August 2014 I had the joy of touring the neighborhoods of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The food scene is fabulous!  The city is broken into various neighborhoods with food offerings galore.  On August 12th I and some of my friends had lunch at Los Cuetas New Mexican Food (8700 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM; (505) 237-2800) just up the street from our hotel.  New Mexican cuisine has a number of twists on traditional Mexican cuisine and I got my first lesson here.   I had my first (and certainly not the least since) introduction to a dish called Carne Adovada.

Dont let the simplicity of this dish fool you.  It starts with lean, trimmed, cubbed pork marinated overnite in a red-chile sauce that has depth of flavor.  Pan seared to order and served with warm tortillas and more of the red-chile sauce…Oh boy can I get more.  The pork is seasoned with salt and pepper then marinated.  Its the marinade that makes all the difference.  Though simple as well, you get a fantastic introduction to New Mexican flavors with this dish.  Earthy, robust, and a bit of a kick, you just want more!  I have since made this dish myself, twisting the recipe a little, and have received raved reviews.  I will post the recipe soon

When in Albuquerque try out this restaurant, the staff is friendly and the food is a true travel into New Mexican cuisine.

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