Flashback – Southwestern Style: Red Chiles by Los Cuates

In 2015 we launched this site with some basic reviews both of recipes and of favorite local eateries and places to gather to eat when traveling the backroads and country.  Since then we have had a chance to see many outrageous locations (not all included herein), local hotspots where they really still get to know your name, and meet great people who sole joy is to take each of us on a culinary travel.

We recently decided to take a minute and flash back to one of the dishes that drew our attention to starting this blog but never made it on our role call of dishes. The restaurant where this dish of ours was first concieved from the depths of flavor they themselves push out to the enjoyment of the Red Chile crowd of New Mexico, was in the infancy of our blog talked about but enough.  The establishment has been for over 35 years treating the Albuquerque neighborhood to outrageous adventures in flavor town.  Their recipe (wehich inspired ours) is a family tradition, surely older in creation, but not lost or weakened by the ages.  Ours we hope is in-sync with the original.

Here is our reintroduction of Los Cuates in the Manuel neighborhood of Albuquerque, NM and their provision of a red chile tradition, Carne Adovada.


Locally owned since 1980, Los Cuates has been providing New Mexican entrees, inspired by long standing traditions from the family for all to enjoy.  Walk in and you quickly feel at home. As they note the Hacienda-style ambiance adds to the enjoyment of the senses.  Works by local artists hang on the earthen huen walls, providing many opportunities to get a feel for the lifestyle and traditions of this great western city.

Known for their chile relleno, where each anaheim pepper is carefully stuffed and roasted daily, to the standing platters of tacos, burritos, enchiladas show casing the culinary treats of New Mexico from the local chilis to imported flavors from south of the border, there is no way your leaving this local institution hungry.

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During my visit, I tried a little less know dish, but man what a flavor.  This production of pork would soon set off not only my own exploration of the Southwestern Culinary stylings but also my desire to share such through this blog.  Los Cuates’s production and use of Carne Adovada is heaven.  This earthy, spiced slow roasted pork is in my opinion stars above your standards pork verde or shredded barbaquoa.  Tying in the flavors of local red chilis, garlic, mexican oregano, limes and more, this pork presents itself to be a bounty of flavor for your favorite dish.  Traditional served as a stew or braised pork chunks, their carne adovada play wells with the styles of burritos and tacos they serve daily.  As I think back, words just do not do it justice.

Carne Adovada Shreded Plate
Shredded Carne Adovada

There are three locations in Alburqueque you can always try, our recommendation is their location in the Menual neighborhood (8700 Menaul Blvd).  The staff were friendly, invited you in and were very helpful to those of seeking to go on a culinary adventure.  Willing to lead us down the path of righteous flavor, these are the guides you want.

Visit Alburqueque, spend some time with the folks at Los Cuates and check out our offering on Carne Adovada for an addition to your go to home recipe.  Remember, taste and traditions are important.