Going to go back in time….A sandwich and a moose – a secret lies in Plymouth, NH

October 2017

Biederman’s Deli and Pub – Where sandwiches stand against time and the “Moose is forever Loose”

Many of us have experienced reunions of many sorts that in essence provide a means to go back in time.  When you talk about a potential twenty year gap, you don’t often find such is possible but…

…If you believe in the temptation power of a truly unique sandwich, a selection of New England microbrews that is extensive, and the ability of a moose to show the way, such time travel is possible.

During our New England tour, we stopped briefly in to visit my Alma mater, Plymouth State College (now a University), and to grab some lunch.  The years spent in the Boyd Science Center studying for an environmental biology degree never directly prepared me for my culinary hobbies, except when I and my friends set out on the inevitable task of grabbing some lunch or dinner.  Back then the Town of Plymouth had fewer offerings then there are today.  Then, the best in town were Jaydon’s Pizza (south of Highland and Main), Volpe’s Market on Main and a little tucked away gem down an alley off Main where to this day the “Moose is still Loose” and the “Balboa” was and is more than a character:

IMG_20171004_141301680_HDR Cropped

Biederman’s Deli and Pub (603-536-3354, www.biedermansdeli.com)

Since 1976 this local favorite (created by Plymouth graduates Scott and Patti (Ryan) Biederman) has been providing the students at Plymouth a great place to chill, meet, eat, talk and catch a game.  The décor and atmosphere truly has changed very little, and though the sandwich offerings have dialed back in size to be aligned with the expectations of the arriving millennials, the taste we of Generation X came to know and love still abound.

IMG_20171004_145121227Over twenty micro and main stay beer offerings are served on tap any given time, with a selection that rotates in local and far reaching offerings from across New England.  However, our focus here in definitely needs to dwell onIMG_20171004_142652562 the sandwich board.  Whether you back visiting the town and campus with the kids or a beginning student, selections from the signature sandwich board, classic offerings, create your own or kid’s board will fill you up and provide you with a reason to return again and again.  As it was in my day, so is it today…Biederman’s is one of the best college town sandwich joints across this whole country.

During my time on campus there was one sandwich that stood above all, known simply as the “Balboa”, now the Biederman’s Balboa.  The sandwich in my time was a “two-dayer”, meaning you could purchase and get two meals out of the one.  This sandwich was served on an almost football sized hoagie, toasted and slathered in their house made garlic butter, the signature of the sandwich.  Now the same is served on a fresh, 8 inch sub roll, but still as delectable.  Removed twenty years from college life it’s probably not advisable to take on a football sized sandwich, but back in the day what a treat.

Being a deli, you have the option of selecting any meat for the Balboa. Staying true to the past nothing will do better than the rare roast beef. Fixed on the sub roll with fresh sliced provolone, toasted and then completed with the addition of shredded lettuce and tomato, drizzled balsamic vinegar, this is a sandwich that from bite one allows time to slip backwards.  Biederman’s does serve up more eclectic signature sandwiches, from the Pub Pile-up (smoked turkey, roast beef, jalapeno havarti, red onions, strips of bacon, house made BBQ sauce on an onion roll) to the Basement Bomb (roast beef, boursin cheese, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cukes on a wheat berry whole grain bread), but the Balboa for its nostalgia is timeless.

Biederman’s Deli and Pub still stands where the others have fallen over time.  When you go back to college you want to seek out the old haunts, the favorite watering holes where you and your buds hung out, ate as college students only can, and generally contemplated how to forget the week.  In Plymouth, NH Biederman’s (just off of Main Street, located below the now Chase Street Market) remains a place to “Go Back In Time” and to relive nostalgia through the eclectic tastes it offers from the sandwich board. Whether a signature sandwich or something you can design on the fly, for a quick bite or for a spell of the days tests, Biederman’s remains a fun hang out with an eclectic flare all the way to the Moose on the Wall since 1976.