Swank has come to the desert

Hanny’s Restaurant, Adams & First Streets

Looking for a unique restaurant that has the old school swank of the sixties, the dining experience of a modern bistro and a cuisine offering like no other? Are you in Phoenix and looking for an oasis. . . You have to check out Hanny’s bistro-bar. The mixology skills of their staff and the cooking style of their Chef will impress!

Originally opened on November 22, 1947

Hanny’s swanky interior

Hanny’s Department Store was housed in an “architectural divergence” as Hanny’s web page notes, hannys.net. The building is of the international-style popular in the 30’s. It’s original charm is enhanced inside by the combination of modern bistro & 60’s swank.

Hanny’s is a popular martini bar and bistro serving distinctive appetizers and pizzas, don’t pass on anything. Three signature plates are on the menu too and should not be bypassed.

Pork Milanese, a savory white-marbled pork loin, seared crisp. . . Holy Taste Buds!

Tonight, Feb. 24th,  our head Chicken Thief dined on the chef’s Pork Milanese. A tender white-marbled flattened pork tenderloin breaded and seared crisped, topped by cucumber slices, radishes slivers and sprouts. Paired with lemon infused butter dip and platted with grilled new potatoes. We have found a saaaavory pork dish that a must have. If this doesn’t lead you to dine, not eat, but dine, you need to change your practices.

The atmosphere begins not only with the décor, but with the staff. Understanding their patrons desires seems second nature to the staff. Attentive and friendly, they welcome you to experience this desert oasis.

When visiting Phoenix check out Hanny’s at the corner of Adam’s and First Street. Comfortable for the single traveller, perfect for date nite with Mrs. Chicken Thief or your love, or with a group of friends.