Tableau is to its Chef, as a Canvass was to Picasso

Tableau, corner of St. Peters & Chartres

All around New Orleans, its historic and reinvented neighborhoods, the City’s soul can be felt.  The roots, southern charm and hospitality, are the under tones that melt the heart and make the taste buds gets excited.  One place exudes a French country charm with a blend of American Creole.

In the heart of the French Quarter an owner and a chef have created a masterpiece of French-Creole cooking that has no equal.  In a three story town-home,  French-Creole recipes created by Chef John Martin will keep you coming back.  Tableau welcomes patrons and elevates their concept of fine dinning with a New Orleans flair.  Pull in for a cool drink on the veranda, take in the architecture surrounding Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral, bring a few of your good friends, enjoy the temptations provided by Chef Martin and don’t leave hungry…this is Tableau!

The El Diablo is going into our lineup


Arrive at Happy Hour and grab yourself a drink from the bar on the second floor, then hit the outside veranda wrapping around the building.  On this April eve we arrived, the City’s atmosphere was waking up, and our crew was ready to party.  Partaking of a house drink, El Diablo (Cinnamon Tequila, Chambord and Ginger Beer), our last night in this great city would end on a very high note!  Each restaurant on this trip was highlighted by a cocktail and Tableau is without compare.  The crispness of the Ginger Beer paired with the sweetness of the Chambord sets the night right into tasty town.

Keith, dont know if you were ready for this crew, but you did well!

With the table set, we settled in on the main floor.  The City’s well known hospitality shows up with the staff treating each of us as a long distance cousin rather than a guest.  Keith worked with us as if we were the only ones in the room, even though the place was packed.  Southern charm does not come close to describing the personalities of each member of the staff.

Gus says lets eat!

Gus, noting it was time to dine, eagerly got the party rolling. We ordered three appetizer’s for the table, along with more drinks, and we were in for a treat. The Grand Royale is the best way to start. A four way appetizer comprised of Crabmeat ravigote, shrimp rémoulade, truffled crab fingers, oysters maison this started will get any evening off right! Chef Martin’s skill with the shrimp rémoulade, deconstructing the shrimp and reconstructing it into a crisp that melts like butter, Oh my word. The crabmeat ravigote could rival any fine crab dish, if you could just have more. This starter is a must!

The Grand Royale

Chef Martin surprised us by coming out and talking with us at the tables, when the crew rolls we fill more than one. Each of us noted with heightened excitement we could not wait

The coolest cat on St. Peter’s

to try his dishes for the evening, and with a front seat to the action the night was like culinary theater!

Now, you can pick any of the entrees on the menu and not go wrong but when the Chef provides a recommendation its time to listen. Chef Martin prepared a special that evening I am still trying to replicate. His theater, this act, the preparation of the tuna was so masterful.  A seared yellow fin tuna served over brown butter saute cauliflower and broccoli rob, topped with an endive, lemon and lump crab salad plated with a “tomato-bisque” like reduction sauce……All I can say is wow!


Seared Yellow-fin Tuna

Drinks, great friends, a truly gracious host and Chef and one of the most charming and fun staff to dine with were the beginnings of a great nite.  Chef Martin’s masterful creations in his kitchen are the reasons to stay and go back for seconds. If your headed to the Big Easy, you have to check out Tableau and this cool cat who somehow imbibes the soul of New Orleans through his Creole culinary musings.

You need to taste the experience!