Take me out to the ballgame…Then to Lucky 13’s down the street!

Lucky 13 Bar & Grill (135 West 1300 South, SLC)
Lucky 13 Bar & Grill

Ok, so we have Salt Lake City’s Famous Garlic Burger at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Holiday, Utah.  No one can deny the Cotton Bottom and its burger.  I mean 49 years of seasoning its flattop, its going to have a great burger.

Not to be outdone by any account, Salt Lake City has its own establishment for a great burger, beer and whiskey.  This place knows and has won competitions for burger sensations that twist traditions and will cause you to come back for more!  Whether you are “feeling lucky punk” or not, “This is the Place” for a burger and beer when out to a ball game or downtown and needing a culinary treat…You gotta check out Lucky 13 Bar & Grill!

Chock one up for another find by the thieves of the Chicken Thief Kitchens.  Our thieves found another gem in this valley (though certainly well known by locals).  You want a place to unwind from the grind, hang out with friends, Lucky 13 Bar & Grill (www.lucky13slc.com/) is your stop.  Located at 135 West and 1300 South in Salt Lake City, this place is just down the street from where the Salt Lake Bees (minor league team for the Anaheim Angels) play.  Right off the Trax Line at the Ballpark Station, you cannot find an easier way to get here, and get here you must.

Lucky13's Bacon Stinky Cheeseburger
Lucky13’s Bacon Stinky Cheeseburger

They have a range of burgers that would give anybody a run for their money.  On this day the burger of choice, the Bacon Stinky Cheese Burger (choice of onion rings or rosemary/garlic fries; either is a winner!).  Add on a Sam Adams Octoberfest seasonal brew and you have a winner across all accounts. The Bacon Stinky Cheese Burger is a thick, medium rare cooked burger with a good char and smoke flavor itself.  Topped with house smoked thick cut bacon and Stella Blue Cheese, the air around you will fill with scents that will make your mouth water.  Let this one sit a spell and the blue cheese softens to envelop the burger in a “silky coating” of all things blue cheesy deliciousness!  Not to be outdone, their Breath Enhancer (fresh garlic, rosemary, chedder cheese or not) provides some competition for other garlic burgers around.

They have a burger of the month/day whatever, when the cook/staff come up with one.  This day the listed burger would have made Elvis swoon!  Start off with their Nut-butter Burger with house smoked bacon, peanut butter and cheddah cheese.  Add fried bananas and other ingredients you can only wonder about, and Elvis would have left happy!

Enough Said!
Enough Said!

A Utah Roadhouse for sure.  The staff is very friendly, quick to hang out and talk yet ensure their other tables are taken care of, helpful with suggestions, quick to bring ya another beverage of choice to wash down the grub that you cant put down.  Great Service, Yep!  Local tradition, yep! Local favorite, Yep!  Great burgers (and more), beer and whiskey,… YEp!

Do they know bacon, YEP! Hey the sign says it all.  Go check this place out, walk/run whatever you gotta do, just go!

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