When in California, a Chicken is truly drawn to water…

San Clemente Beach south of Dana Point
San Clemente Beach south of San Clemente Fisherman’s Pier

When landlocked, as our Principal Chicken Thief is in Utah, any time you can get to the Coast its a must.  This trip our Chicken Thief found himself in San Clemente, California a favorite rest spot to recharge.  Now this may seem weird but for those who live near the ocean you will understand.  There is nothing like taking a walk along a beach, feeling the cool ocean water run past you as each successive wave moves

Enough said!
Enough said!

inland, smelling the mix of salt and water in the air to re-charge one’s sole.  About the only other additional piece that completes the scene, great seafood.  The beach side community of San Clemente and its Fisherman’s Pier provides all!

Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar on San Clemente Fisherman’s Pier is a fantastic stop for lunch or dinner while visiting.  You might consider taking in a late lunch or early dinner if you want to try to avoid the notorious California traffic, if

Fishermans Restaurant and Bar entrance
Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar entrance

returning to your evening destination to the north, south or the Inland Empire.  In reality the traffic is un-avoidable.  The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating on both sides of the pier, with fabulous views both south, west and north from its popular deck seating and indoor seating.  The staff is very friendly and accommodating.  What is noteworthy is the food, you want fresh seafood in San Clemente this is definitely a stop over point for your travels.

From the deck seats, you senses are first hit with the cool ocean breeze

View of Pacific Ocean and San Clemente Fishermans Pier from our table
View of Pacific Ocean and San Clemente Fisherman’s Pier from our table

coming directly inland from the Pacific.  When the food arrives, one’s senses are further hit with the mouth watering flavors of the restaurant’s fare.

Our Chicken Thief’s parents enjoyed crab cakes, linguine and steamed clams, and steamed mussels in a garlic butter sauce, all the while taking in the sounds of the waves lapping at the pier struts and cool ocean breeze.  Mrs. Chicken Thief had mesquite fired skewered prawns with rice pilaf.  Lightly seasoned and very

Mesquite Fired Prawns
Mesquite Fired Prawns

fresh, the prawns are very tasty and definitely worth trying out.

Our Principal Chicken Thief started off with a bowl of their clam chowder.  The clams were fresh and plentiful in this chowder, mixed in with potatoes, onions and celery a very tasty starter.  For a west coast Chowdah (New Englanders you know) this was a good rendering.

Electing for a tuna entree the Chicken Thief had their Mesquite Fired Ahi Tuna

Mesquite Fired Ahi Tuna
Mesquite Fired Ahi Tuna

with steak Fries.  The tuna was well cooked, tender with a buttery finish.  The tastes leaves you wanting more.

When traveling the California Coast, stop and take in the beach side community of San Clemente.  There are numerous lodging locations with fabulous views of the Pacific Ocean.  The town host a wonderful State Beach extending from both sides of the pier, and fantastic views of Dana Point from the end of the pier.  Check out the shops lining the street just beyond the beach, for that California souvenir or other dining opportunities.  Accessible by the California Coastal (rail service), its readily accessible with plenty of public parking as well.

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